Health Conditions

This page is currently under construction, but this will soon be the landing pad for all the health condition specific information!  Until then, feel free to browse the recipe section for inspiration, check out the store for supplement info, or contact me via my website to set up a consult for your condition!

Free Ways to Assess Your Health
The Key to Long Term Health
Headaches and Migraines
5 Practical Tips for Creating Health
Sleep: How Deprivation Impacts Your Health
Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Infrared Saunas

20 Easy Ways to Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Autoimmune Diseases:

How Does an Autoimmune Disease Start?
Intestinal Permeability and Autoimmunity
Heartburn and Autoimmunity
Gluten, Leaky Gut, and Autoimmune Disease
Vitamin deficiency and Autoimmunity
Medications Hindering Autoimmune Healing
Exercise and Autoimmunity
Stress and Autoimmunity
Mental Health Impacts on Immunity
Fecal Transplants
Crohn’s: A Patient Journey
Eczema: A Patient Journey
Graves’ Disease: A Patient Journey


Carb Challenge Part 1: Oats
Carb Challenge Part 2: Banana
Carb Challenge Part 3: White Rice
Carb Challenge Part 4.5: Sprouted English muffins and Quinoa

Gut and Digestion:

Exercise and Leaky Gut
Gluten, Leaky Gut, and Autoimmune Disease
Gallbladder Issues/Removal: Natural Remedies
Histamine Intolerance


Postpartum Depression and Placenta Encapsulation


Premature aging, frequent infection and Sleep
Fecal Transplants
Echinacea for Cold and Flu
Flu Prevention 101


Adrenal Fatigue
Melatonin and Sleep
Reducing Caffeine: The How To Guide
PCOS: Where to Start
Oral Contraceptives: What You Need To Know
Hormones and Personality
Anxiety: A Patient Journey
Hair loss
Natural Jet Lag Solutions
Bras: Bad for Our Health?
Testosterone: How to Increase it Naturally

Cardiovascular health:

Raynaud’s: Natural Solutions
Rebounding: Can Trampolines Improve Your Health?
Heart disease, Cholesterol, and What You Should Do


Restoring Health After Chemo

EMF: How WiFi Impacts Your Health


General overview
Fish Oil
Whole Food Multi
Vitamin D


Barre: My First Night
Orange Theory: Pros and Cons
Trampolines and Rebounding

Food For Thought aka Opinions and Ideas:

Beer: Can It Be a Healthy Part of Life?

Is all the sacrifice worth it? A lesson from a patient who died
Why I call myself a “belief system doctor”
Rethink Your To-Do List: Lessons from Children
Are you Overspending on Food?
Maintaining Privacy While Being Authentic
What Does Your Trash Say About You?
Change, Life, and the Logarithmic Spiral
We live in a borrowed world
What Is a Boundary?
Food Rewards
The “Yes” That Changed My Life
Who Employers Should Hire
Do you hold you mechanic to higher standards than your doctor?
Chiropractic Care: Important Considerations
Macros: Why Micros May Be More Important
Beach Glass: How Adversity is Necessary
My Take on the Aging Process: Wrinkles vs Passion Lines
Medication Timing and Why It Matters