Your Next Job Interview….What if?


By now, most of you know that I can’t go an entire day without thinking “What if?”  Sometimes all the “what ifs” are annoying, and sometimes they seriously get my mind racing!  Yesterday, I was putting together a powerpoint for a presentation on a health topic.  I have done these things so many times that I could do one in my sleep.  However, it never fails that EVERY SINGLE TIME, it sparks new thoughts.  So here it goes….what if people were interviewed and hired based on their health?  Imagine this:

You apply for a job with your traditional resume, cover letter, etc.

The potential employer looks it over, thinks you appear qualified, and facebook stalks you to make sure you aren’t a weirdo.  They invite you for an interview.

You come in for the interview and the first question they ask you is “what makes you think you are good for the job?”

You say “I think I’d be great for the job because, quite frankly, I am super healthy!”

The employer looks at you weird and says “Excuse me?”

Your response “Well, you obviously think my credentials qualify me for the position or I wouldn’t be sitting here. So, I think the second most important thing is that fact that I am super healthy!  Healthy people take less time off of work for doctor’s appointments and sick days.  Healthy people sleep better and therefore come in to work rested.  Healthy people exercise and therefore have better ergonomic health and therefore less aches and pains.  Healthy people have better chemistry and therefore better serotonin levels and tend to be happier.  Healthy people are a good influence on other people (habits are contagious, after all).  Healthy people are more productive and innovative.  Healthy people save companies money with health insurance premiums. Would you like me to keep going?”

The employer says “No, I got the picture.  Why wouldn’t I hire someone who comes to work happy, doesn’t take sick days, saves me money, creates a positive environment, contributes new ideas, and makes our company look good?! Guess I never thought of it like that….”

Most skills can be taught.  The other part of the equation is a much more difficult spot to fill.  I’m obviously not in the market, but I would LOVE it if someone healthy tried this out and let me know how it went! Oh my, my mind does wander.

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