Elderly: Those who are approaching the later years in life have different requirements for medications based on their safety according to pharmacists.  A link to the chart is provided and should be addressed with your healthcare provider.

Beer’s Criteria for Inappropriate Medication usage in the aging population

Parents: Informed decisions are important and information is provided on current vaccination schedules in addition to state requirements for schools, daycare, exemptions, etc.
CDC Vaccine Schedule
Indiana State Vaccine Information including exemption requirements
Vaccine ingredients listed by vaccine

Meat: When consuming meat products, it is important to consider the health of the animal.  The health of the animal is directly related to the nutrients contained in the animal products derived.  Therefore, it is important to source your meat from places that raise animals on diets appropriate for their health and development in a setting that is humane and natural.  I am providing local resources to obtain such meat products:
Seven Sons

Produce: Finding organic produce is easier than ever if you know where to look!  U-picks, CSAs, and local farmer markets are great places to start!
The Organic Blueberry Ranch– Organic U-pick Blueberries
Find a CSA near you
Earth First Farms– Organic U-pick Apples

Disposal requirements in Indiana
Drug Side Effects Database
Benzo Tapering information

Beauty Products/Cleaning Products Toxicity:
Product chemicals and toxicity ratings
Easy tips to Avoid Chemicals
Chemicals and Linked Diseases

Free Documentaries: Netflix now has several great documentaries such as What’s With Wheat, Hungry For Change, and Food, Inc!

Testing Options:
Home Vitamin D test

Health Coach, Carole, Shopping Tips:

Restaurant Reviews:
Outstanding in the Field