I am a functional medicine doctor focusing on holistic care, an anatomy and physiology professor, a locum chiropractor, an IU alum, a Palmer grad, and a fan of loving life.  My work starts with identifying root issues that may require testing for underlying infections, nutritional deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, and autoimmunity.  Once the root of the issue is identified, ancestral nutrition is a foundation for my program.  I wanted to marry the ideas of holistic healthcare and wellness coaching. Therefore,  I am a doctor that takes a case from diagnostics all the way down to how to implement the necessary changes into your individual lifestyle through acute treatment phases, transition phases, and wellness stages prior to release. Aside from family, friends, and my career, there are tons of things that I love doing which require me to be healthy. I have taken on the task of trying to educate as many people as possible of things they can do to KEEP themselves healthy. I preach whole foods, exercise, relaxation, and having fun; that’s life folks! There is nothing better than having an impact on a patient’s health because it has an effect on EVERY SINGLE person around them. Happy, healthy people are great to be around, and I pride myself on creating more!

*Please visit my website angelalucterhand.com for more information about my credentials!