Easy Tips to Avoid Chemicals

After posting the link to the video “Stink,” I really wanted to put together a quick guide to things you can do today or simple things to consider in the future when it comes to chemical exposure.  Inherently, everyone knows that exposure to chemicals is not a positive thing.  However, the dots that are more difficult to connect are those like how chemicals could contribute to your PCOS, diabetes, or child’s development.  Many times, we fail to consider that safe products means products that do not have endocrine disruptors in them.  We avoid chemicals because we understand the link behind chemicals and cancer or chemicals and neurological issues, but what about chemicals and diabetes?!  If a chemical is classified as an endocrine disruptor, then that means it acts like a hormone.  Not only will it not be a natural hormone, but it will bind and compete for receptor space just as your real hormones would.  That means that even diabetes can be negatively impacted by chemicals in beauty products, dry cleaning, or cleaning agents.  Your pancreas is an endocrine gland and it secretes a hormone called insulin.  What if you are using chemicals that act like insulin?  I still believe diet plays the largest role here, but this is why environmental toxins are always addressed with my patients.  They play a role in physiology.  So, what do you do about it?

Tips to toxin avoidance:

  1. Download the EWG Skin Deep app to scan any product in your cabinet and decide if you want to keep it.  Scan products at the store before you buy them.  I would throw away or avoid anything above a “3.”
  2. Use simple ingredients like baking soda, lemon, and vinegar to clean.  Google DIY cleaning products and you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of recipes available.
  3. Wash any clothes you buy before wearing them.  They are treated with chemicals.
  4. Take the plastic bags off any dry cleaning as soon as possible because chemical concentrations increase over time if they are left on.
  5. Make your own laundry detergent
  6. Purchase homes that have been lived in.  New homes are full of chemical gases from all the materials like carpet, paint, etc.
  7. Shop at second-hand stores.  New things have more chemicals.
  8. Use essential oils as fragrance including perfume.
  9. Wash hands with real soap.
  10. Open your windows and let fresh air in.
  11. Add plants to your space to purify the air.  They are nature’s air filter.
  12. Replace your plastics with glass.  Use glass tupperware and drink out of glasses.
  13. Make and take a travel kit of products so you can grab and go easily.
  14. Use diffusers as opposed to air fresheners.
  15. Buy organic whenever possible.
  16. Don’t microwave anything in plastic
  17. Don’t leave water bottles in the car due to temperature spikes.  The plastic chemicals land right in the water.
  18. Use cast-iron skillets to avoid the chemicals in non-stick cookware (I still use that for eggs though…I mean who wants stuck eggs?)
  19. Use a reuseable K-cup.  Running hot water through the plastic k-cups lands plastic chemicals in your daily cup o’ joe.
  20. Sweat regularly and eat plenty of veggies.  Your body naturally detoxifies with nutrients found in veggies and uses sweat to get rid of chemicals through the skin.

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