The Reason you Need Medication?

No one ever takes stress seriously.  We all have it, we all know it, we all feel like the activities that remove it from our life mean we are self-indulgent slackers.  Heaven forbid someone get a massage once a month.  Heaven forbid someone say “no” to one more commitment.  Call the police if someone needs a nap.  Let’s be mean behind someone’s back because they don’t want to work 80 hours a week.  We are a society of work, work, work….therefore, we are a society of constant stress between work and kids and extracurriculars.  This constant state of fight or flight in addition to lack of sleep, poor food choices, no time for exercise, sitting all day, etc. may be the reason you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, hormone issues, and osteoporosis.  Stress may be causing you to be fat, flabby, sick, and prematurely old!  I was reading one of my books from graduation again and this entire chapter focused on stress and the biochemical effects.  I thought it was important to relay the info….so you have doctor’s permission to eliminate some stress from your life!

Stress Response in the Body:

1. Increased cortisol (more stress hormone)

2. Increased catecholamines (excitement)

3. Increased heart rate (racing heart)

4. Increased vasoconstriction (vessels get smaller)

5. Increased blood pressure (hypertension!)

6. Increased blood glucose levels (diabetes!)

7. Increased blood lipid levels (fat in the blood…)

8. Increased blood cholesterol levels (increased LDL: decreased HDL) (now your doc wants  you on statins)

9. Increased clotting factors (risk of stroke?)

10. Increased protein degradation of muscle and connective tissue (getting flabby)

11. Insulin resistance (getting fat)

12. Increased feelings of stress, fear, anxiety, and depression- decreased short term memory, ability to concentrate, and learn

13. Decreased serotonin levels; increased noradrenaline levels (getting depressed)

14. Increased sensitivity of sensory systems including those for pain and other emotions (something always hurts!)

15. Decreased cellular immunity (catching all the bugs around town)

16. Decreased anabolic hormones like growth hormone and testosterone and luteinizing hormone, etc. (getting old…way too fast!)

17. Bone loss, muscle fiber changes, decreased R.E.M. sleep (bags under the eyes and osteoporosis!)

18. Decreased sex hormone binding globulin (hormone issues now?!)

19. Increased excretion of calcium and magnesium

If you think this is you…unfortunately, it probably is!  An adrenal test is simple, easy, and can tell you exactly where you are in terms of stress affecting your body.  Everyone should take one just to be able to take REST seriously!!!! You have no idea how many people refuse to admit their levels of stress until a cortisol panel acts as their lie detector.  Only then, will they decide to cut themselves some slack.  This may be the first window into being able to get you off your pesky medications….

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