The Golden Spiral: Nature’s Evolution

Recently, I have become obsessed with something known as the logarithmic spiral, aka “the golden spiral.”  I’m not a math geek, so I won’t go into the formula, however, I do want to explore the meaning.  The other day, I decided to wear my nautilus shell to work.  I very rarely wear any jewelry that doesn’t have some meaning to me.  You’ll very rarely ever see me wearing rings because I use my hands with patients, the barbell isn’t kind to any sort of metal, and sand has an uncanny way of getting forever wedged in crevices. Therefore, I prefer bracelets and necklaces.  As I  put on my necklace, I started reflecting on what the shape of the shell really represents.  The Swiss mathematician, Bernoulli, said it best when he described the spiral as representing the latin motto: Eadem mutata resurgo.

In Engish, this means “Changed and yet the same, I rise again.”

A logarithmic spiral gains speed as it moves further from the center.  It’s shape remains the same but it’s growth is exponential.  This is a direct reflection of organic growth.  You see it in the Milky Way, romanesco, plants, the nautilus shell, etc.  The bigger these things become, the faster they grow. This pattern is also seen in people and their lives.  I work with so many patients that have stories, stories of misfortune and triumph, stories of change, stories of loss, stories of life….

Everyone has a story that represents them and their journey thus far.  From a small child to the point in time which they are alive today, they are the same being.  They have the same DNA, their soul is the same soul that entered this world; however, they are larger in form, and have grown exponentially in spirit.  Every trial, every triumph has compounded itself to growth that is bigger than the lesson before.  People change, yet are still the same.

I am no different from everyone else.  I get giggles and crazy looks when I talk about how I can’t wait to be 40, 50, 60.  I say this because I have enjoyed my entire journey of life thus far and have grown exponentially with every day, every experience, every gift, every fail, every breath.  I can only imagine how much wiser I will be if I continue on this path of exponential growth.  Everything I have done up to this point has created a foundation for the growth to come.  I never thought I’d be where I am today based on the foundation I put down 10 years ago.  For this reason, I never try to predict the future, yet I am excited for its arrival.

I am so grateful to be on the journey of life changes with patients and I see this growth with my own two eyes on a daily basis.  From the day I start working with my patients to the day they are released, they have changed, yet are the same.  They rise again as a changed being ready for the next chapter.  They will change again at some point.  However, through all the change, their core being is still the same.  Nature is my constant source of inspiration and I couldn’t have said it better when it comes to this golden spiral.

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