What does your trash say about YOU?

I just got back from walking my dogs, and I started thinking to myself as we were on our way to the park. We walked past house after house of recycling bins. My first thought is how great it is that people are taking the initiative to recycle, but then I start to notice the product containers INSIDE the bins! Yikes! Many were full of pop cans, pizza boxes, cracker boxes, alcohol containers, and plastic condiment containers. I have no idea what the health status is of those individuals, but I can imagine many are probably battling weight issues, heart problems, digestive complaints, and glucose tolerance issues. So, I was thinking about a hypothetical scenario (I do this all the time by the way!): let’s say you were to leave your children with a family for the next year and all you could use to make the selection was a sneak peek at their trash. Would you choose to leave your kids at the house that had tons of pop cans, cookie boxes, and alcohol containers or the house that had jars from almond butter, cans from coconut milk, and plastic egg containers? I do not know what the answer would be, but I do know that I would personally leave mine with those that I perceived to be healthy! I would choose the trash with things that would assure me that my children were growing up healthy and active. Does your trash reflect the home that you would choose for your children? Just a thought…..

I’d like to take a side note and say that many of the healthiest options don’t have packaging at all! Therefore, many of the healthiest homes would have the least amount of trash, too. Positive for health and the Earth!

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