What If You Are Not Who You Thought?

Two things happen when I have had a lot going on:

1. I lose time and energy to blog.

2. I have so much to blog about because I have so much to think about!

Depending on how in depth my patient cases are, I can spend hours working on things to help them restore their health. When a patient’s emotions are running high, it turns up the heat in my kitchen! When they are going through the mental and emotional roller coaster of drastic life change, it always gives me things to think about. I don’t think I am ever “not” thinking. Blessing or a curse….
I have been watching the show occasionally called “Black Box.” I find comfort in watching doctors work that toe the crazy line because I sort of relate! It’s like “House” in a sense. He may have been crazy, but he was darn good at what he did, and sometimes his work took over his life….the hallmark of borderline crazy, I suppose. Anyway, this show is about a psychiatrist that works with complex mental patients. She is bipolar herself. In the first few episodes, she battles what to do when she must choose between taking medications to “level out” her moods, which leaves her numb to the world. OR, she can choose to ride the highs and lows because her highs send her into the most magnificent, brilliant, passionate place when it comes to work.

This made me think about a lot of people that have been so influential in history when it comes to art, politics, music, medicine, etc. Where would we be without the borderline crazy?
This makes me ask the next question. If these individuals were able to accomplish the unimaginable because of a slight imbalance, would they take meds to level themselves out if they had the choice?
So much of my work is about people’s hormones and body chemistry. Do you know how much of your personality comes from those things?! Are you heavy on testosterone? Then you are probably more confident, strong, driven, and sexual. What if that was also the reason you were more snippy with your spouse and had oily skin? What if balancing out your hormones also meant that your personality was different. Part of what made you great at the gym or the boardroom is no longer a part of you?

What if you are heavy on estrogen? You probably have a larger chest, smoother skin, more nurturing tendencies and show more emotion. This may also mean you are constantly battling body issues and crying spells! What if balancing out your hormones meant you lost some body fat which meant boobs, as well. What if it meant that you didn’t have the same glow?
What if your “imperfections” are a part of what makes you great? What if your “handicaps” provide you the perfect opportunity to change the world? What if you are not who you would be if you changed everything you thought was “wrong” with you?

Embrace what makes you you. Sometimes imperfections are the best part.

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