Time Away from the Gym: The Truth About What Happens!

double under challenge

I sort of feel like this post may turn into a confessional. Oh man. No judgments please. ;) If you have followed my blog from ATC, you know that I went on vacation back in November. That’s where it all started….

My intention was to workout in Denver at a Crossfit gym. That didn’t happen, and I was ok with that. No one wants to be the person who leaves their friends to go do something no one else wants to do! There goes a week.

The next week was Thanksgiving…definitely didn’t hit my normal schedule.
Back to the gym the next week=no lung capacity. How does your metabolic capacity go away so quickly?! I felt like my lungs were starting over! However, my lifting was still up to par. Not too shabby.

A couple weeks later, sick. You can’t work out when you can’t breathe! A few weeks off from sickness, then it was Christmas/New Years. Ugh. Schedule too crazy to want to make it work.
By this time, I’m looking at 2 months of essentially no training. Now I’m a weakling! No lungs AND no strength. Humbling….

I hate the cold! I hate when it’s dark at 5! So here’s the confession. It’s not like I was trying to preserve beastmode anymore! I am lucky if I went 2 times a week for a good couple months.
The open. Say what?! Those workouts WERE NOT made for someone so outta shape! I died!
Open is over…now I just need to get back on track. No biggie. EXCEPT. I am back to every part of my body being sore after workouts, lifting 75% of the weight I used to, and having my lungs stop working about 6 minutes into every workout.

There you have it. Now everyone at the gym that wonders why I don’t seem like the same Angela in workouts (I think they’ve quit wondering now that its been months!), that’s why. Take a few months off….you’re back to newbie status. It has heightened my appreciation for what new people experience, that’s for sure. I will be back again soon….it’s just going to take some work. I’m officially part of the “has been” club!

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