Just So You Know….

I’ve hit a dry spell! I was posting new recipes constantly on the old blog and it seemed like I couldn’t make and post them fast enough sometimes! However, I’ve barely posted any food yet on this blog besides things I reposted from the old site….this is not me giving up on your taste buds. This is not me feeling uninspired, and this is definitely not a sign that I quit making food! ;)
In the past month I have tried several things that just don’t live up to my standard. Period. I don’t post a recipe unless I LOVE it! That is how you guys trust me when I say something tastes amazing! So, like a school kid that is feeling like they have to justify what they have been doing with nothing to show for it….

I tried lemon ginger coconut milk ice cream. This was amazing in my mind! However, the crystallized ginger didn’t keep its texture and the coconut milk I bought a case of (because there are no fillers and it is in a bpa free can) leaves things sort of grainy. I ate it…but would be lying if I told you it was amazing.

I tried scones. TWICE. I made a lemon blueberry scone. It was crumbly and dry and not that good. So, I switched somethings up and decided to make pistachio lemon ginger. You are seeing a trend in my flavor desires lately! They were okay…but I felt like I needed a drink every time I took a bite. So, not now.

I tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I took the recipe from Against All Grain and tweaked it to have browned butter. In my mind, I was thinking about these toffee flavored discs of goodness. But, the texture came out more like muffin tops, and to me, that’s not a cookie! So, back to the drawing board.

I haven’t given up. Patience will bring us amazing food because now I’m determined!

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