Strawberry Banana Breakfast Bowl

We have all probably heard about acai bowls at some point in our life, and they are super tasty!  However, acai is not the most convenient ingredient to get ahold of.  The concept of a smoothie in a bowl topped with goodness is not one that must be reserved for acai.  This is the same concept with more readily gained ingredients.  Drink it through a straw or eat it with a spoon, the power is in your hands.
Strawberry Banana Breakfast Bowl
1/2 frozen banana
4 frozen organic strawberries (part of the dirty dozen!)
1/2 an avocado
1 heaping Tbsp of gelatin (Great Lakes is the brand I use)
1 tsp maca (for hormone balance)
almond milk
4 walnuts, chopped
Place the banana, berries, gelatin, avocado, and maca in the blender and cover the ingredients in almond milk or coconut milk until you can see bits and pieces peaking above the milk level.  Blend until smooth.  Top with chopped nuts and eat like a bowl of cereal!  But way healthier and more homemade.

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