Soup and Cracker Shortcut for the Sick

In an ideal world, we would all have some homemade chicken stock in the freezer that we can bust out at any given time.  Heck, maybe we are even lucky enough to have some soup made with that stock in the freezer!  When you feel yourself getting a little under the weather, the first thing you want to do is consume something warm that helps your immune system; however, the last thing you feel like doing is taking time to make homemade broth, make soup and gluten-free crackers.  It is totally within your capability, but totally outside your realm of desire at that moment.
Chicken soup has been linked to what people give you when your sick because the gelatin in broth is so healing!  However, storebought broth doesn’t contain that healing element.  So, here is the best shortcut you can do if your caught in the predicament of needing healing food but have no time or energy. It’s much healthier than Cambell’s and saltines!
Cheater Soup and Crackers
carton of organic, gluten free soup (any kind)
unflavored gelatin
store-bought crackers such as Simple Mills
Heat up your soup and add 1 Tbsp of gelatin.  Consume with grain-free or sprouted crackers.
*In addition to your soup, make sure you are getting adequate Vitamin D, probiotics, garlic in everything, and an immune support supplement to manage symptoms if needed.

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