Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes

Ok.  Who needs a recipe for mashed potatoes?  Well, I think it’s worth listing what I do with my mashed potatoes because they are delicious!

First I quarter some Yukon Gold potatoes and throw them in a stock pot with the skin on.  Then I pour in some homemade chicken stock.  Make sure the tops of the potatoes are still sticking up out of the liquid or you will have way too much stock.  I let that boil until most all of the liquid is absorbed into the potatoes.  Then I mash them up with some grassfed butter until creamy.  Here you can add spices.  I usually salt and pepper.  However, one of my favorite things as a kid was mashed potatoes with French onion dip in them!  So I have also been known to add some powdered onion dip mix (from soup of success) and it gives the same flavor!

No one will miss the milk.  The stock gives them so much flavor!  Enjoy!

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