A Look At the Facts: My Mom’s Labs AND Health Recommendations

saturated fat

Like many corporations, my mom gets a health assessment  every year to determine her insurance premiums.  The healthier you check out, the less you pay!  Sounds great, right?!  Well, I went over her results with her the other day and ran across something that I thought was telling in terms of the huge fears people have about saturated fat.  She gave me permission to share her results and recommendations with you….so I’m doing it before she retracts!

Blood Pressure:  112/72 (in other words perfect blood pressure)




HDL: 96

LDL: 121

Triglycerides: 50

Here’s the funny part!  She has AWESOME HDL!!!  Her Triglycerides (which are an inflammatory marker) are some of the best I’ve seen!



Now for Recommendations:

You can see what they are telling her to avoid with the red and what to do in green.  They specifically tell her to quit eating saturated fats such as butter (see last bullet).  They tell her she is putting herself at risk for avoiding dairy and grains.  They then recommend eating low fat dairy, more than 3 servings a day of whole grains, and cut down on saturated fat!


These AVOID and RECOMMEND lists are to enhance the health of the individual and to decrease their risk of heart disease.  WHAT?!!  She probably has the best labs of anyone there!  Yet, due to standard government guidelines, she is told to stop doing what she is doing and switch to what every other sick American is doing.  This is ludicrous.  For experimentation sake, I’d love for her to switch to eating what they recommend and see what happens.  However, I know better than that.  I want my mom around for a long time to come.  It makes me wonder if the health advisor doing this thinks to herself “Hmm, how can the person doing the opposite of my recommendations have the best labwork?”  People need to be asking these questions.  It matters not only for your health, but for the future generations.  Food provides your body building blocks to do what it is supposed to.  If you are not providing it with the right building blocks, or putting toxic building blocks in, disease results.  It is no surprise to me that humans are starting to have trouble reproducing, going to the bathroom REGULARLY, sleeping, being happy, and expressing health.  We are providing the wrong building blocks due to inappropriate recommendations and therefore we are developing autoimmune diseases, cancers, heart problems, and poor quality of life! I will not go on my soapbox this post, but I do want you to start thinking about what this may mean for you.  I became a doctor to help people find health.  Along the way, I realized food was a huge part of the answer.  I use foods to restore health, and people get better!  They have babies, go poop, sleep, smile, and have good labs all WITHOUT medications!  My mom has always had good intuition, and I’m so grateful for that!

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