I’ve Officially Done It! Crispy Chicken Livers Are AMAZING!

chicken livrers


I am not going to try and take credit for this. I have been trying to like liver for a while now and OMG has it been disgusting! Until now! I am so excited! Pastured liver is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, and if you can make it into something you actually enjoy and not just choke down, that’s a huge feat!

I skimmed over her exact recipe but I’m sure I didn’t follow it to the letter. I just don’t cook like that. So, I used bacon grease as my frying oil. Bacon makes everything better FYI. Then I used tapioca flour instead of almond flour with a generous heap of paprika, salt, oregano and black pepper. Fried ’em up. Salted right out of the pan as well. They were like insanely flavorful chicken nuggets! Make sure to cut them into bite size pieces though because the thicker they are, the more you may be able to tell it’s not muscle meat. Thank me later. ;)

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