Dr. Angela, WHY ARE YOU LEAVING?!?!?

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A couple months ago, I announced to the web that I will be moving on from my position at Amberwood.  Since then, there has been so much going on behind the scenes that I am just trying to keep my sanity!  I did not elaborate on where I was going from here until now…sometimes you gotta wait til the time is right. ;)

I have had many patients saying “Dr. Angela, why are you leaving me?!”  Let me address that.  I am not leaving anyone…..technically.  I’ll still be around and you can get a hold of me whenever you like! However, for the time being, all of my patient work will be nutritional in nature.  I officially started a nutrition company that will have so much to offer, and I love the idea of pushing those horizons to the limits.  I will still do group nutrition classes and all of my individual counseling, but I will also be adding some things that are more hands on!  Like I said, there is organized chaos going on behind the scenes, but my website with all the info you can imagine will be launched soon!

I am not a person that enjoys change that much, but I am also a person that is not afraid of making a change when I recognize the need.  I have had some questions about the chiropractic side of things and whether or not I will ever do that again.  Of course I will.  If I am being honest, every person working with another in my profession has a non compete.  I am a chiropractor, and always will be.  However, I have some legal agreements that keep me from practicing at this point in time. There are two ways I can look at that: 1. Oh poor me for going to school FOREVER and not being able to practice or 2. This is my opportunity to explore my nutrition work, teach students again, and help other chiropractors that need time away from their office.

Looking back over the past 5 years, I have had so many amazing things happen.  I have been able to give SO MANY patients their very first adjustment.  I can’t tell you how proud that makes me that people have trusted me as their doctor, brought their children to me, and valued my perspective on health.  I have helped women get pregnant, corrected issues as intense as Lupus and Crohn’s, and spoke at more conventions, hospitals, and companies than I can count on all my fingers!  I was afforded the opportunity to speak on the radio, be featured in a magazine, donate services to amazing organizations, and participate in so many lives.  I have diagnosed crazy things like aortic aneurysms, gall stones,  and DISH. I could go on for days.  I wouldn’t change all of those moments, but my focus from here is on all the amazing moments to come. One thing I learned along the way is that health and well being is a treasure for everyone….and without it, you have nothing.  I will continue to do as much as humanly possible to enhance the health of every person that I can.

Life presented a fork in the road and I chose the path that, while unknown, has all the passion and opportunity I could ask for.  I hope to see many familiar faces in addition to those I have yet to meet along the way.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my experiences up to this point!


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