Want it Done Right? Do It Yourself: A Gap in the System

I have never lived “in the box.”  I have always tried to see things for what they are regardless of the way our culture decided they were supposed to be seen.  I think working extensively in other parts of the world opened my eyes up to the question “What is normal, really?”  Your culture often defines what normal is to you, and that’s normal.  However, if you can recognize that, and look outside the lines, you open your mind to what could be new normals.  Maybe those new normals would make you happier?!

That’s exactly what I did when it comes to healthcare.  My overall mission in life is to use my gifts to leave the world a better place, a place I want future generations to take advantage of, a place where I’m proud to say I left a mark.   My gifts just happen to involve the aptitude for solving puzzles, the yearn to learn, and love of teaching.   When I put on my “Dr. hat,” it is all about figuring out a case, figuring out the root cause of a problem, deciding what tests need done, deciphering what the results mean, determining the best course of action to fix it, etc.  That passion behind solving the puzzle is what will feed my soul for the rest of my career.  This drive also encompasses the need to acquire knowledge, the more knowledge I accumulate, the more “tools in the bag” I have to solve the puzzle.  When you have those two things under your belt, it becomes very natural to want to pass that knowledge along to other people who are interested.  It’s pretty simple really.

In my opinion, the healthcare system doesn’t have enough people solving puzzles, enough doctors seeking knowledge that may not fit within the lines, and definitely not enough doctors teaching patients this knowledge.  You want it done right? Do it yourself.  So, I am taking my career path outside the box and trying to offer the best marriage of all the necessities: GOOD diagnostics which requires the constant accumulation of knowledge, and teaching the practicality.  I can’t teach everyone how to be a doctor, or all the information they would need to diagnose themselves, but I can teach future healthcare providers that knowledge, and I can teach patients how to improve their environment for desired change.  Parts of me wish there were more doctors that taught patients lifestyle management, and parts of me wish health coaches had the knowledge to diagnose, but you can’t have everything you wish for.  So until that happens, THIS DOCTOR IS IN THE KITCHEN….literally.  Taking a case from diagnostics and correction, to HOW TO DO THIS for your lifestyle. There’s no telling where this journey will land, but I can’t wait!

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