Want a Glimpse? I Will Share One With You….

As I wake up every morning, I decide what inspires me, I post something about it, and I get up to start the morning coffee. The first moment that coffee hits my lips, may be one of the moments I look forward to the most. It is part of my perfect day, and I savor it, I enjoy it, and it’s simple enough to have every day for the rest of my life. That certainly makes for a lot of perfect moments. Then I check my emails, texts, messages, which can equate to a good hour sometimes. I never have any idea what sorts of things are going to pop up in those updates, questions, or inquiries. I am blessed to say that 90 % of the time, I get to have good news flood my technology for the first hour of every day. This past week, I have been cracking up, smiling, tearing up at some of the things so let’s just visit some of those. Let me give you a glimpse…

A patient that we have been working with her adrenals and anxiety:
“No anxiety. No depression. No anger. No eyes watering. No headaches. I feel empowered.”

A patient that has Hashimotos:
“This may be TMI, but I had sex 3 times and actually wanted it.”

A patient that has anxiety and apathy:
“You are turning me into a nerd! I am sitting here reading a cookbook! What have you done to me!?”

A patient with anxiety, thyroid issues, and high blood pressure:
A pic of a pill on the counter and the text “I had that in my back pocket and didn’t have to use it!!! Thank you!”

A Hashimoto’s patient with kids:
“I made your chicken strips…holy delicious!”

An anxiety patient:
I feel so much more even and steady if that makes sense. ;)”

A consult with a patient that has MS:
“I feel healthier now than when I was diagnosed with MS!”

A consult with a patient that has Ulcerative Colitis:
Tears….many tears. Because she’s exhausted from trying to do the right thing all the time. I’m grateful she called me for help.

A consult with a patient who has anxiety, some bowel issues, and knows something isn’t right since having her child:
“I don’t know why I didn’t just do this sooner. I’ve been meaning to call you for over a year.”

A meeting with a colleague:
“I hear you’re a really good adjuster from patients that have seen you at the other office.” (Well that just made me blush.)

I really could keep going on and on. Every day I could share a story of inspiration, strength, exhaustion, renewed hope, relief, health, struggles, and triumph. This is my life. My life everyday before 10am. I live a pretty great purpose. I have so much to share sometimes that I am paralyzed by which one I should put out there?! I have so much information to get to you, that I sometimes I focus very heavily on the science articles. Sometimes I just want to give you guys tips, things to do TODAY. Sometimes I just want to sit and drink my coffee with a smile because I am blessed with a gift and amazing people to help me fulfill it. Not very often, but sometimes I am speechless. When that happens, I just soak it in. Feel every good feeling there is to absorb. I will need it to help the next patient through an obstacle, a hard moment in the journey, a setback. They may have met me at the beginning of their journey, but I will find a way to let them fly and meet them at the finish line. I am overwhelmed with pride when it comes to each and every person I work with. No one can see me right now, and I’m not an overly emotional person, but I will take every tear welling up in my eyes right now knowing what they stand for. What they have been fighting for. What joy they represent. I hope every single person reading this finds that in their life. Don’t lose the pursuit. Listen to your heart, no matter how crazy it may sound at times. Entertain the dream.
Maybe next time I can get through all the amazing that happens AFTER 10am. ;)

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