Things You May Not Know About Dr. Angela


For some reason, patients always have an idea of what I am actually like outside the office. I have had people tell me that “my house must be so clean” or that they bet “I never watch TV.” I have had more comical characters ask if when no one is looking I eat chocolate cake in the closet! The pic above is me just being me. Hanging out with friends. Unedited. Playing bags on a summer day. I have to say, I have no clue why people sometimes have a perfect persona of myself. I am anything but perfect….so to show you that I am just human like everyone else, it’s show and tell time…kinda….at least “tell”
1. I hate cleaning (and therefore do it as little as possible)
2. I take naps
3. I have 2 pit bulls (and want another one!)
4. I have been to more third world countries than I have developed nations. which means…
5. I have used a hole in the ground to go to the bathroom way too many times
6. I poop every morning (and am really cranky if I don’t)
7. I have wrinkles (which I think of as “passion lines”…maybe I’ll write a blog post about that)
8. I can’t wait to turn 40, 50, 60….really
9. I am a coffee addict. Not just love it…will endure a lot in order to not give it up!
10. I often care more about your health than you do
11. I like my thermostat at 72 degrees…no more, no less.
12. I am terrible at rowing (my gym-mates know that)
13. I would play volleyball everyday if I could
14. I go tanning in the winter
15. My favorite donut is a Bavarian cream-filled powder sugared donut (and I have one about once a year)
16. I dislike treating my family (and sometimes send them elsewhere)
17. I am a sucker for a man’s mind
18. I LOVE trashy reality TV (because I am a sucker for a love story, fake drama, and watching other people’s dreams come true)
19. My favorite movies are SEVEN, Shawshank Redemption, and American History X
20. My favorite TV shows are Intervention and Locked Up Abroad
21. My worst fear is losing my dad
22. I prefer having my boobs over having my muscles (that statement flip flops every 3 months of so…boobs…six pack…boobs…six pack. They don’t occur simultaneously!)
23. I worked days at Finish Line and nights for Bacardi when I was at IU
24. I taught anatomy, histology, and spinal labs at Palmer
25. I have some version of dessert on the daily
26. I just stepped down from my position on the state board
27. I hate hospitals (and avoid going to them at all costs)
28. My most difficult lifestyle change is managing stress
29. I let my dogs on the couch (How else am I gonna cuddle with them?!)
30. I’ve never had a facebook page
31. I am a stickler for staying on time when treating patients
32. I have enough clothes to not do laundry for months
33. I used to be an accountant
34. I know NOTHING about current events and history
35. I know WAY TOO MUCH about health and physiology
36. I’m ultra competitive (to a fault)
37. I do not take any medications
38. I love (real) yogurt (and have it occasionally….like 2-3 containers a year)
39. I wish all my friends would move into the same cul-de-sac
40. I wish people still practiced “the drop by” after college (so much planning just to see your friends these days!)
41. I still use a flip phone
42. I hate eating out
43. I prefer really dark beer if I’m going to have one
44. I have strong opinions
45. I never judge people (regardless of whether they think I do)
46. I am grateful for something everyday (but I am human and have to remind myself of that sometimes)
47. I don’t have all the answers
48. I am anal about spelling and grammar
49. I have a passionate and addictive personality
50. Despite all my faults, I love who I am. I wouldn’t be the same without the entire package…..

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