Paloma aka Mexican Grapefruit Goodness

I LOVE GRAPEFRUIT!!  I seriously love grapfruit cocktails and this one is no exception.  I eat a lot of Mexican flavored dishes because the spice combo just never gets old, and who doesn’t love a taco?!  Turns out, not only does Mexican cuisine steal my heart, so do their cocktails.  You know that drink that tastes like cinnamon toast crunch at Christmas time?  Mexican.  You know that Norcal margarita?  Mexican.  This amazing paloma?  Mexican.  Not only is this refreshing, but you could easily switch up the tequila for some Tito’s vodka, gin, or rum and have it be equally as amazing.
I use a little bit of light colored agave in this recipe to run with the agave notes, but you could omit the agave and have it be delicious if your tastes are use to less sweet.  Agave is mostly fructose, so it’s not the best sweetener to use on a regular basis, however, we are talking about a cocktail.  So, get over it.  Light colored agave will be sweet but not have a ton of flavor.  That is an issue if you try to sub honey, coconut, or maple syrup.  They will all have a hint of mollasses to their flavor or a high floral note depending on the flowers used for the honey.  This drink wants a little sweet without any added flavor.
juice of 1 grapefruit
1 shot clear tequila
tiny bit of light colored agave
pinch of real salt
small squeeze of a lime
soda water
mint to garnish
In a shaker, place a couple ice cubes along with the grapefruit juice, tequila, salt, and agave. Shake to combine. (you can skip this step if you omit the agave)  Pour into a glass over ice, top with soda water, squeeze a little splash of fresh lime, and garnish with mint!  These can be dangerous so drink responsibly!

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