My First EVER Weight Loss Class!

Alright, big news. I have been doing nutrition courses for a very long time now. However, I have never done a weight loss class. Those of you that have heard my talks before know the reason. There is so much more to healthy eating than weight loss. I have always focused on eating food that will keep you healthy and free from cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc, but some of you STILL want a weight loss class. So, I’m doing it.

I will be hosting a month of class that will meet every Monday thru September, and we will be learning all about what to eat for weight loss. It will be easy, mapped out, and fun! We will not be counting calories, but we will be losing weight! This class focus will be the reverse of what I usually present. I usually present eating for disease correction with weight loss as a side effect. This go round will be all about weight loss with better blood work and symptom relief as a side effect!

Here are the logistics:

2014 Body Transformation
September 8, 6-7pm Meal Plans
September 15, 6-7pm The Skinny on Fats
September 22, 6-7pm The Carb Confusion
September 29, 6-7pm Making the Connection
October 6, 6-7pm Weight Out Party and Carry in
Cost: $125 (includes body composition tracking, meal plans, 4 health modules, a book, support, and fun!)
Sign up deadline: August 29th

I only have room for about 15 people in the office at one time…so…that’s the cap!
Call 574-522-2255 to get signed up!

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