Matcha Mint Lemonade (Cocktail optional)

I have this repeating issue at Starbucks.  I love coffee, but I don’t always want it during later times in the day, and sometimes I avoid that much caffeine.  So, what’s a girl to order?  Sometimes they have some tasty-sounding options like Matcha Lemonade!  However, you look up the ingredients and they are almost always sugar bombs.  So, I leave with a coffee.  That doesn’t stop me from adopting some of the flavor ideas and making them delicious and healthy!!!  I have matcha powder from Trader Joe’s and who doesn’t love lemonade in the summer?!
Matcha Mint Lemonade
3 leaves of mint
handful ice cubes
juice from 2 lemons
can of plain soda water
1 tsp matcha powder
optional: 2 oz clear alcohol (Gin, Vodka, Rum)
Blend together, serve with a decorative straw, and enjoy!

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