Confessions of a Flip Phone Owner

flip phone

I’m officially having a funeral for the flip phone that has been by my side for the past 7 years!  Do you know how many friends have gotten puppies in that 7 years?!  Flipping through the photos is like going through an old photo album!

I’ve always boycotted technology.  Period.  I have never been on facebook (until recently to get you guys recipes and good info!).  I boycotted CD players.  I still had my pager when everyone else was talking away.  I never liked the idea of being hooked up to my email 24/7.  Whatever happened to the good ole days when you could be “off the grid?!”  People are so obsessed with what’s going on in cyber space and feeling like they might miss out on something that they forget to enjoy the moments happening right in front of them.

Well, you pretty much have to have a phone in case of emergency because pay phones don’t exist anymore and even if they did, I wouldn’t know anyone’s number!  So, when my beloved flip phone finally stopped charging because the charger had to be in just the right spot, I decided it was time.  It has no visible letters left on the buttons, the battery cover comes off constantly, the charging dock cover fell off years ago, the camera lens decided it couldn’t stay glued anymore, and now it’s quite the balancing act (upside down and propped up to be exact) in order for it to charge.  This sounds ridiculous but this phone has been with me for 7 years!  It has been with me longer than my youngest dog.  It was with me before I could put Dr. before my name.  It has been with me for the “birth” of at least 4 friends’ puppies.  I never took any baby pics, but when friend’s moved away, I definitely got real baby pictures on this phone when they came into the world, too.  I am not sure anyone can remember what I looked like WITHOUT this phone!  I will get tons of comments when my new phone makes its public entrance, but believe me when I say that you shouldn’t be surprised if this one lasts me another 7 years. ;)  In some ways, it’s like my old worn out sweater than you just never wanna give up.


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