Christmas! Start Thinking Ahead!

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If you are one of those people that likes to give a thoughtful gift at Christmas time, now is the time to start thinking about it!  A couple of reason you should think ahead, one is that you gift will actually be thoughtful instead of last minute whatever-was-in-the-store, two is that some homemade gifts take time, three is that if you decide to buy something, you can price shop!

Homemade gifts for your Tree Hugging Friends or Foodies:

homemade vanilla extract (this takes little effort, but it does take time, so plan a few months in advance)

homemade laundry detergent (this takes little effort and little time!  just do it…maybe for your new moms who don’t want toxic chemicals on their baby clothes)

homemade candy (do this a month in advance and put truffles in the freezer so you aren’t trying to do this around all the schedule commotion)

If you knit, a cute infinity scarf is always a must have! I wish I knew how! Maybe I can have someone teach me…

If you want to buy:

The Olive Branch has awesome flavors of Balsamics and Olive Oils

The Salt Sisters have amazing salt blends and seasonings

A massage! 574-522-2255. These are always a health-oriented crowd pleaser!

There are dozens of cookbooks you can easily find on amazon.  Some of my favorites that would suit anyone would be Primal Cravings, Make It Paleo, and Nom Nom Paleo.

A book is always good, too!  Maybe a book from my 2014 Book Club list (It Starts With Food, Make Shift Happen, Practical Paleo, or Omnivore’s Dilemma), or one from the 2015 list. ;)  Or heck, maybe the book club membership in order to have fun with your friend for months to come! (We will be revealing details later on this don’t you worry)

A cooking class gift certificate. Nothing better than cooking together and bringing us closer to our food.

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