All the Things Doctors Do at the Office When You Aren’t Around!

1. PAPERWORK!!! (Records requests, letters, Personal Injury documents, Medicare compliance, database attestations, blah blah blah)
-No one tells you about all THAT stuff in school!
2. Read
-I read obsessively because I am a researcher at heart and I love going through info and finding gems that will help my patients! I read stuff about nutrition, stuff about exercise and mobility, stuff about medication, stuff about chiropractic research, stuff about mental impact on the body, stuff patients give me, you name it…
3. Continued education
-Every year, we get to go learn new techniques, refresh info, see our old friends, and embrace chiropractic!
4. Answer emails
-Supplement reps, new research alerts, new issues of chiropractic and nutrition publications, family, friends, nutrition patients, etc
5. Put together educational events
-These events take tons of time!! You have NO idea…
6. Put together presentations and write blog posts
-Powerpoints about leaky gut aren’t going to write themselves!
7. Make phone calls
-Check up on patients, call back reps, make referrals
8. Consulting with colleagues
-We like to talk about our cases with one another! 2 heads are better than 1!
9. Run a business (payroll, fix the toilets, meet with employees, update computers, update social media…)
-They also don’t tell you that stuff in school!
10. Prepare for upcoming patient visits
-That report of findings packet? It didn’t write itself either….

When ALL of that is done…and your name is Dr. Angela
1. Do kettlebell swings in the PT room
2. Work on ankle mobility
3. Tell funny stories with the staff
4. Eat
5. Drink coffee
6. Get inspiration from blogs, chefs, news
7. Listen to Pandora
8. Get adjusted
9. Step outside to soak up the sun and fresh air
10. Watch the Crossfit Games and look up cute puppy pictures….;) What?!

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