Ever Question My Palate?!


This is what my brother plopped on his plate the other night and said “Hey Ang, you gonna post THIS recipe on your blog?!”  Haha…so funny.  You want to know what that is?  Mac and Cheese, stuffing, a hot dog with ketchup, wrapped up in a flour tortilla!  Yuck!  First of all, proof that just because you have Dr. Angela at your fingertips, it doesn’t mean you listen to her!  Second, I started thinking…this is a good lesson!  I post recipes all the time (especially desserts because that’s what people love to drool over!) but when I tell you it’s amazing, that doesn’t mean YOU will think it’s amazing!  Your taste buds change over every 30 days.  As you start cutting out certain foods and introducing new ones, your tastes change!  You notice more subtle flavors and appreciate complexity over heavy sugar and salt.

Having said that, I often have my brother taste every dessert I make.  He’s a good sport about that.  Why do I do that?  Because if his palate approves of it, then I know it’ll be a recipe I can make for any potluck or family gathering without people thinking twice about what they are eating.  You know what I’m talking about…the people that ask “are these real cookies or healthy cookies?”  How about being able to answer “they are good cookies!”  That’s what I strive for when serving people with a different set of preferences than myself.

Now when I tell you that something is amazing, even for the non-paleo people out there, this is the palate that has taste-tested it. ;)