Back to the Homeland

lady of chiro
Last week, I traveled back to Palmer College of Chiropractic for their 100th Homecoming…and continuing education credits. I bring back things from every trip, experience, class, etc. that I ever do. So, I only saw it fit that I share some of the ideas, goodies, and experiences that I brought back this time around.

10. I now know my tuition dollars outfitted the upcoming classes with ALL NEW CHAIRS! Their spines will thank past generations upon graduation!
9. I got to empathize with those who sit all day for work. Never….ever….again. Beg, plead, and cry for a standing work station!
8. Redband Coffee. Everyday, buy some for home, appreciate every drop.
7. I love seeing old friends! Make the time do it more, people!
6. Thank God for Crossfit. Walking up that Brady St. hill every day reminded me just how steep it is!
5. After a round of antibiotics, your gut takes 3-4 months to repair. Take your probiotics the entire time! (and you get what you pay for…so ask someone knowledgeable which ones to take!)
4. Your nervous system and immune system function TOGETHER. There’s new connections coming forth that show that relationship. Get adjusted when you are sick.
3. Chiropractic care is producing modern miracles everyday. Give it a shot.
2. What I do with nutrition is pretty unique and amazing. (and my patients are pretty lucky. ;) )
1. Part of my purpose on earth is to help other people be the best version of themselves, and therefore, part of my mission is to be the best I possibly can at what I do. Your health is essential for the platform for YOUR mission. You must take care of your body, and I am grateful to be someone who can help maximize the potential of the human body.